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For our 'Hancrafted in Britain' build we have specified a number of top components sourced from British manufacturers to present just how well British products can perform at the highest level of cycle racing.




Carbon fibre Kismet frame designed, manufactured and built in the heart of the national forest, just a few miles away from the geographical centre of England.

Each individual frame is handmade and completely unique to the clients requirements, matching only in performance and quality.

Confidence in the build quality and performance of Kismet Bikes is driven by our journey and well-established knowledge of carbon-fibre. Built to perform against the best, we take pride in leaving no watt behind and ensuring every single push and effort is counted.



AU Helium.jpg

Full carbon Helium race wheels by AU Wheels. AU is a relatively new English brand of wheels that we couldn't recommend highly enough. Excellent build quality, full carbon wheels handmade in Lincoln by a team with huge experience in the cycling industry. Includes a 3 year warranty.

"Designed with weight in mind, we fitted the Helium with lightweight aero spokes and super light hubs. Lightweight, yet a super rigid construction means that his 33mm low profile tubular wheelset will give you the edge on your climbs." 

AU Wheels




3D Printed head badge created just down the road to us in Coalville, Leicestershire by an independent and innovative new company. Super lightweight and designed to fit perfectly on the head of the frame, proudly displaying the Kismet crest.

As this technology develops and its use cases increase alongside industrial adoption, at Kismet we are excitedly curious to understand its processes and potential.




Brooks Saddle.png

Brooks Cambium C13 saddle. With their long and successful history in England, founded in 1866, the Brooks company have been making quality saddles across 3 centuries. The C13 saddle that we have specced keeps the Kismet lightweight, high performance and in keeping with our British build.

"A vulcanised rubber and organic cotton saddle with carbon frame, this is the carbon version of the popular Cambium C17 model most suitable for long distance racing or performance cycling. Weight reduction is accomplished through a continuous carbon saddle rail that eliminates performance-resistant contact points. Finished with aluminium rivets in all black, this saddle offers flexible performance for immediate comfort and all-day weather protection."

Brooks England Ltd




With very limited options from UK manufacturers, the one exception to our ‘Handcrafted in Britain’ setup comes from just over the pond. The superbly impressive SRAM Red eTap wireless groupset. 


Technological advancements as important as this wireless groupset are rare. The significance of its creation and new processes are not lost on us, we simply had to fit this system to our Kismet build.


“SRAM have re-imagined what a modern shifting system can look like with their trailblazing wireless gruppo”

Toby Martin, Road Cycling UK




Paintworks and frame customisation are crucial for your bike build. At Kismet, we want to ensure our clients frame looks personal to them. This is why we have chosen to work closely with Enigma Paintworks during this process.

Based in Sussex, their state-of-the-art paint facility is designed for the latest generation of automotive paints that give the frames a deep, lustrous and hard-wearing finish. Working with Enigma Paintworks allows the finish of our Kismet frames to be an expression of our clients individuality, it can make or break how they and others view their frame.

gbr flag.png
Kismet B&W.png

Get in touch if you like the look of our 'Handmade in Britain' Kismet build and we'll get back to you with a quote and build time estimate.

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