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Kismet Bikes

Enigma Paintworks


Working in collaboration with Enigma Paintworks we are excited to offer a host of customisable options for our handcrafted Kismet frames.

Paintworks and frame customisation are crucial for your bike build. At Kismet we want to ensure your frame not only fits and rides perfectly, it also needs to look personal to you. This is why we have chosen to work closely with Enigma Paintworks during this process.


Their state-of-the-art paint facility is designed for the latest generation of high performance automotive paints that give the frames a deep, lustrous and hard-wearing finish. Working with Enigma Paintworks allows the finish of your Kismet frame to be an expression of your individuality, it can make or break how you and others view your frame.

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"Enigma Paintworks offers a complete service

and can make your custom design a reality"

Below you will find a gallery of our favourite designs made in collaboration with Enigma Paintworks. The options available for customising your Kismet Bike are almost limitless, if you have a specific design or just an idea in mind then we can bring it to life.

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