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At Kismet, we have been hands on working with composite materials since the early 90s. Developing our understanding of stresses and loads in detail across many applications including cycling, military, aviation, aquatic and motorsports.

Years of honing and perfecting our techniques has allowed us to write the bible of carbon-fibre compliance. We can orientate our bikes to take pressures, strains and loads that are hyper specific to our clients requirements.

We work by the words of Will Durant when he eloquently summarised a collection of Aristotle's thoughts on morality: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." By exclusively working with carbon-fibre here at Kismet, we have developed an inside-out understanding of this material.

Our knowledge of carbon-fibre construction is advanced to the level that we have the ability to repair damage. Operating a carbon-fibre repair service for the past 7 years has provided an even deeper understanding of the limits and potential of carbon-fibre.

This also provides our clients the peace of mind knowing that if they damage their Kismet Bike in any way then we can inspect, and in most cases fix their frame to an 'as new' state.



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